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    Carina Garcia


    Carina is an active and committed member of her community : aside of being a mother of five, and helping her husband on their farmland, she was a Barangay Councilor for 3 years and is now assisting the Local Government in administrative work and logistics. Having worked in the touristic area of Puerto Galera for 2 years, she mastered her English skills and is a very precious translator, Carina acts as facilitator during workshops, training, meetings, and various interviews with the fishermen, farmers, etc.

    Christine Evangelista

    Nutrition & Waste

    Christine lives in Bugtong with her husband Nemesio in a home that could be a model in term of sustainability and gardening. She is active on many fronts, bubbling with new ideas to improve the community well being. She has been organizing school feeding programs for indigenous children in the Barangay with the support of the LGU. She has trained and organized groups of women in handicrafts activities using various material and techniques such as coco crafts. Christine's passion for singing brought her many distinguished first prices in singing contests.


    Fidel Silan

    Fishing & Logistics

    Our lieutenant in Udalo, Fidel is a fisherman who understands like no one else that the biodiversity is at risk if not properly managed from this point on-wards. Fidel has a deep understanding and on the ground knowledge of the ecosystems whether maritime or terrestrial and is very valuable to the success of the project. He is one of the key stakeholders and plays a key role within the local communities in their variety (mainly Tagalog and Mangyans). Fidel speaks both Tagalog and English.

    Guillaume Bertrand


    "Kuya G" is our permaculture specialist focusing on setting up nurseries, kitchen gardens, new crops, and waste management.

    Guillaume is currently building a demo farm and establishing a network of kitchen gardens in order to bring a practical and sustainable answer to malnutrition problems due to lack of locally grown basic and healthy food.

    Nemesio Evangelista

    Bamboo & Handicrafts

    Nemesio has been involved in sustainable materials during all his life, especially bamboo which he grew and traded several varieties on the island of Mindoro. He has an extensive knowledge of local plants and his garden is testimony to his gardening talent. Very eager, as his wife Christine, to improve the livelihood of the local community, he set up the first farmers cooperative in the area in 1998. A master craftsman, Nemesio can build pieces of art with the simple use of his Bolo (the local traditional knife).

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