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Marine Biodiversity

Phase I : Marine Results

Our team, led by Clément, completed the preliminary scientific surveys of the planned Marine Protected Area (MPA), with a final report presented to the Local Government Unite (LGU) during the team site visit in November 2016.

Thanks to Marine and Ryan’s presence in the field for six months, Ecotone Resilience (ER) was able to carry out thorough consultations and fish landing surveys with the fishermen communities that are directly impacted by the establishment of the MPA, to understand their needs and garner their full support. The completion of these surveys led to strategic recommendations around the establishment of the MPA and its implementation:

  • Human resources to enforce future regulation (Bantai Dagat) have been identified with the LGU in order to protect the MPA and put an end to illegal dulong fishing which merely takes place at night as you can see in the short video below.
  • Technical features of the MPA have been proposed with the recommendation for a fish sanctuary protecting the shallow water corals as well as the deep reef. This protected zone is to measure 1.5 km long by 500 meters wide in order to also include the deep reef.

Phase II : Marine Goals

ER targets to complete the implementation of the MPA by the end of 2017 in full coordination with the LGU and the fishermen communities.

ER plans to partner with a leading consulting firm to complete the groundwork started by its team members in order to create an international MPA norm.

As Ecotone Resilience has limited human and financial resources, we work through partnerships in order to maximize our results and bring the best possible teams to the area to work with and empower the communities.

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