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Building a well in Sigman

Because of our bottom up approach, we have identified, along the way, and continue to do so, immediate actions that emerge as obvious priorities. The first one is the creation of a well in the village of Sigman where we have established our first base, which we hope to expand in the coming months.

Although we still need to do proper water lab tests, the villagers claim that the water is at the same quality than all the other wells around from which they have bathed, washed, cooked and drunk for years. This is understandable since our well taps from the same water shade and water table. The digging, 7 m deep, was achieved at the end driest time of the year so we are insured that it will give water all year long as long as the drought forecasts for all tropical regions due to global climate change doesn't happen.

The villagers welcome this well since the ancient water line dried out more than a month ago, it will serve about 25 households so roughly about 100 to 120 persons. So far, in the driest season the refilling of the roughly 50m3-well takes less than 12 hours.

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